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Woke-a-Cola: How To Destroy A World-Leading Brand In 60 Seconds

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This article comes from Author Tom Luongo Date: April 12, 2021 GOLD GOATS ‘N GUNS In late February a whistleblower came forth with screenshots, posted on YouTube, of slides from Coke’s internal ‘diversity training’ course urging its employees to quote, “Be less white.” And by ‘less white’ they mean subservient. They don’t mean be ….  Read More

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Fed And ECB ‘Kryptonite’ Could Break Bitcoin Despite Massive Price Surge—But Here’s Why Ethereum Could Triumph


Source: Billy Bambrough wrote this article for Forbes. Bitcoin has soared by almost 1,000% over the last 12 months—a rally that’s been outmatached by the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency ethereum. The bitcoin price has surged from under $10,000 this time last year to around $60,000 per bitcoin while ethereum has added 1,200%, climbing from just over $100 ….  Read More